Cause I Was Asked

I've been asked to explain how to create the little reactions option that appears at the bottom of each of my posts so here you go:

To enable Reactions, log in to your dashboard, go to Layout > Page Elements and click the Edit link in the Blog Posts element to open the blog post configuration tool. Then, check the box next to Reactions, edit your reactions as a comma-separated list, and click Save.

If you have trouble getting it to work (like I did) you may need to go to Edit HTML from your Layout page, scroll to the bottom and click on Revert widget templates to default. When I did this I did not notice any change in the look of my blog, but as I am not very computer literate I do not promise that it will not change yours.

Hope this helps.


Denise said...

Mine is not working. I will have to try the html code...I am kinda lost. If I can not figure it out I will have to get Josh to do it for me.

N.F. said...

I did it! Thanks!