Sore Throat

I was reading the newspaper the other day (before moving on to work on the crossword as per resolution no. 8) and learned that having a sore throat is not a symptom of a cold it is a symptom of your body fighting a cold.

Well right now my body is putting up a strong fight.

Just wanted you to know so that you wouldn't think I was already breaking resolution no. 6 (will not neglect blog). There are also a couple of other resolutions that I have decided I am totally within my rights to break while sick: resolution no. 5 (will make bed--as there is no point if I just keep crawling back in) and resolution no. 7 (will not mindlessly watch tv. was watching CSI:NY last night and couldn't follow the story line--and let's face it CSI:NY is not rocket science so mindlessly watching tv is apparently all that I am capable of right now).


Jenny said...

Oh dear. You need some chicken soup and an overly doting motherly-type of personal assistant right about now. Have one of those around? (if you do; when you're done could I borrow him/her?)

Jen said...

Hope you get feeling better. And I had never heard that before. The things I learn on your blog. I'm totally not smart enough for your first lines. Only the Harry Potter one looked even familiar. I need to read like you do.

FOODIE said...

That's how my body decided to ambush me! It all started with a stupid little scratchy throat. Then came the sinus cold, strep throat, sinus infection all at once! Two weeks later, I am finally getting energy again. I cough up both lungs anytime I try to walk up the stairs to my apartment, but hey...the bright side!