Oops, there I go neglecting my blog again!

I don't watch a lot of prime-time television. In fact there are only two shows that I follow with any regularity: CSI-NY and Numbers. When I get the chance I like to catch episodes of The Office and 30 Rock, but lately that hasn't happened too much. Other than that there isn't too much that interests me with prime time. This works out for me quite well as I'm not forced to pick between two shows airing at the same time--I haven't quite gotten on the Tivo bandwagon yet, not that I don't like the idea of commercial free television, but because I don't like the idea of a gadget that would try to convince me that television programs are vital and not to be missed when the reality is that the vast majority (including the ones I do choose to watch) hold little to no real value at all.

Well, my friends, this is about to change. I have just discovered that the British program MI-5 now airs on KUED Channel 7 (one of my local PBS station) on Friday nights at 9pm--the same time as Numbers. What to do? This week will not be a problem since Numbers isn't new, but what do I do when it is new? I am really conflicted here because I hate the idea of being tied to the television or a television program, but I really don't watch so much TV as to make it a serious vice...--full justification in process leading on a frightening downward spiral?

Anyway, I highly recommend the show to you. MI-5, for those of you who don't know, stands for Military Intelligence, Section Five and is a bit like Homeland Security here in the USA--or like the CIA only with less of an oversees mission. Each episode handles a different security threat while also following the personal lives and relationships of the main cast (much like CSI-NY and Numbers) and all this is done with a British accent so you know it is not only smart (sounding at least) but also sexy. There is some very good man candy going on on this show as well, if that should interest you. Click here is you want some more info on the show and what episodes will be airing on KUED.

Also, kudos to KUED for airing a show that could actually create some competition for the big boys during primetime.


Science Teacher Mommy said...

We are still debating the DVR ourselves. Good luck with your "moral" dilemma.

chosha said...

MI-5? How odd when they already have Spooks which is also about an MI-5 team.

Denise said...

You might be able to watch Numbers on the internet the next day?
We have a dvr and love it. I am usually kicked off of the show I want to watch because I have a kid in my bed late at night. The show's I like to watch are not appropriate for the kids!
I will have to check the show out sometime. That is very impressive that PBS is in with the big guys!

N.F. said...

Have you heard of Fringe?

That show is my absolute LOVE!

N.F. said...

PS. My last comment verification word:



Yankee Girl said...

Chosha--I haven't had the chance to check out Spooks yet--but here in the States already having one show about a specific branch or place of employment hasn't stopped us from having more: ER; Grey's Anatomy; CSI; CSI:Miami; CSI:NY; etc)

N.F. I've heard of Fringe but haven't seen it yet. Love those word verifications