The Superbowl (as interpreted by the BBC)

Last night, as I was getting ready for bed, I switched on the radio and caught the final moments of the BBC News top of the hour report. They were finishing up with a report on the American Superbowl. The report went something like this (in part):

...thrilling match....the Pittsburgh Steelers only regained the lead in the closing stages...

I am glad I caught the report because I hadn't no idea how cuddly and dignified American football is (thrilling match!!! Love it).

In addition to catching the BBC report I also watched the real thing--which was thrilling--only I watched mostly for the commercials--except I kept forgetting I was watching for the commercial and so missed about half of them. From the ones that I did catch, well, I've got to say none of them caught my fancy. Which one's did you like?

In lieu of a favorite from this year, here is my all-time favorite Superbowl commercial:


chosha said...

That ad is great. I'm not sure it really gets across the message they were hoping for, but it's hilarious.

Jen said...

It seems like there was a Pespsi one that dealt with real men. I'll have to search for it and let you know.

Jen said...

O.K. Here it is! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkgZFI4ZT0I

Yankee Girl said...

Chosha--yeah, I remember not having a clue what they were selling when it first aired--still don't really know what they are selling.

Jen--Thanks, I checked out the Pepsi commercial and did quite enjoy it.