Midwinter Storytelling

So I should have told you about this a week ago, but I forgot about it until yesterday late afternoon. The Timpanogos Midwinter Storytelling event is now underway. This year the event features Elizabeth Ellis, Syd Lieberman (whose voice I could listen to for hours and hours--to say nothing of his fabulous Jewish home life stories or his historic tellings), and Bill Harley (who brought us such classics as "There's a Pea on my Plate" and "Monsters in the Bathroom" that both you and your kids will love). Go here for more information on dates, locations, and prices if you live in my area.

And just as a general (gentle) reminder, the Monday night performance by Syd Lieberman of "Abraham and Issac: Sacrifice at Gettysburg" is probably not young kid appropriate much like last night's performance by Noa Baum of "A Land Twice Promised" was not young kid appropriate because, like the conflict in Palestine/Israel, the Civil War wasn't actually all rainbows and butterflies--I know surprising--so you might want to leave the kiddies at home this time.

In the meantime, and for those of you who haven't the slightest idea what I'm talking about, enjoy:

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Denise said...

Tess and Lexi loved that! I miss the story telling festival!