Oscar Update

So I've been noticing a trend with the Oscar picks that are being discussed on TV and in the newspaper: My picks and their picks are not the same (except Heath whose sympathy vote makes it a foregone conclusion). I'm not going to change my picks though. Instead I'm crossing my fingers that the votes for Penn and Rourke cancel each other out and that guy I voted for wins.

Win or lose, though, the night (for me) isn't really going to be about the slumdogs or dark knights. It will be all about one of my pretend boyfriends:


Jenny said...

enjoy your visit to the land of make believe!

chosha said...

I hate that people are saying Heath's Oscar, if he wins, will just be a sympathy vote. That performance was startling and he deserves to win.

Having said that, loving your choice of imaginary boyfriend. :)