Oscar Recap and other misc.

So I got 11 out of 24 correct--not too bad if we make it a baseball stat but pretty miserable if we give it a letter grade. I thought Hugh did a decent job (loved when he serenaded Kate Winslet about swimming through excrement for her and Anne Hathaway was very funny as Richard Nixon) and I thought the new format of having a group of previous actress/actor winners present this years winner was rather touching. Overall, though, I was a bit bored. Maybe some year they could skip the presenting of awards and the "I never expected this" speeches. Don't worry too much if you missed it though because like so much of what Hollywood does (whether it be a certain grade of movie or the behaviour of those in it) it was pretty much missable--perhaps I watched too many award shows this year--except for Hugh and maybe Tina Fey and Steve Martin too, oh, and Ben Stiller doing Joaquin Phoenix.

Speaking of missable Hollywood, have you seen "He's Just Not That Into You" yet? I saw it a couple of weeks ago and while I didn't love it (at all--way too many characters that don't get developed nearly enough. They should have limited it to 3 couples. Also to Scarlett's character I would like to say: what kind of a woman purposely pursues a married man and then is shocked when he cheats on her? But the engagement scene with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Aniston was very cute and Ginnifer Goodwin was fantastic). Anyway, speaking of Ginnifer Goodwin, I love her hair. And since seeing the movie I've noticed several other actresses in commercials sporting the style and it makes me want it. Only I've been trying to grow my hair out and I probably couldn't pull it off anyway (I've got thin, straight hair).

Or here she is with it straightened (I might be able to do this). Bethany, I'll be calling you.


Jenny said...

good thing it was missable, because miss it I did. btw--totally cute hair, and I'll bet you could pull it off!

Science Teacher Mommy said...

I was going to write an Oscar post, but I think what I have to say is really more of a comment, particularly since I just heard highlights on NPR this morning.

There is always the ongoing argument "Is Hollywood responding to pop culture, or driving it?" There are good arguments on both sides, but no where is the latter more evidenced than on Oscar night where a bunch of (mostly) annoying people get together to tell each other how great they are for reminding us all about homosexuality, psychotic killers, the Holocaust and poverty. About one year in six, a popular movie actually sweeps up and those are the only films "regular" (read: stupid, lowbrow) people actually remember. Those are also the only years where the Oscars get really good ratings.

I would have liked to have seen the adorable Hugh Jackman, but I'm so glad I didn't have to see Sean Penn get all preachy and political since he seems to be physically unable to open his mouth without reminding everyone how seriously he takes himself.

My favorite male performance of the year was not the supernally boring Brad Pitt as Benjamin Button (though the academy award can go to him for HOTNESS if only for the motorcycle scene, Rebel Without a Cause style), but for Robert Downey Junior in Ironman. How tacky and lowbrow is that? It takes real acting to make an audience care that much about a conscience-less billionaire. And the best 10 minutes of film I saw all year was Nicole Kidman comforting that gorgeous little Koori boy. If that performance is "embarrassing," then I want nothing to do with Hollywood.

I take it back: it should, perhaps, have been a post. I may move it over to my blog. ;)

Yankee Girl said...

STM--LOVE your comment. That is exactly how I felt about the whole night. And it really did make me want nothing to do with Hollywood, but I think I'll just give up the obnoxious bits and stick with low-brow Hollywood because I loved both Iron Man and Australia.

Natalie said...

I agree with Jenny-you could pull off the hair-especially the straightened look. I love this length. I wish I had more opinions on the Oscars but I have seen very few of the movies-because of this, I didn't have as much interest in watching as I normally would. I am glad I didn't miss much. I also loved Iron Man. Australia is on the long list of movies I didn't see-but wanted to :(

Science Teacher Mommy said...

PS Love the hair, of course. However, seeing as I have no idea what you look like makes it really hard for me to make a call. See your hairdresser, girl!

Jen said...

I think you would look very cute with her do! I missed the Oscars too but did catch some of the dresses! Loved your previous post on the Grammy's and that dress! Wow, she's brave! And I do want to see He's just not that into you. Are you saying it's not worth seeing?

chosha said...

This post needs a spoiler warning!!

I liked He's Just Not That Into You, even if it did make me paranoid the next day when I went out with someone. :)

Yankee Girl said...

Jen--hard to say. I didn't love it (was down right annoyed with much of it) but there were parts that were really great. Maybe rent it.

Chosha--You're right I should have put in a spoiler alert. Sorry everyone (but really did it shock you when the cheating husband cheated?) Also, I can't imagine going out with someone the day after seeing this movie. I wouldn't know what to say or do and would be paranoid about everything he said and did.