May I recommend:

It is my new favorite CD (I know it has been out for a couple of months now) and is a collection of folk hymns and spirituals such as one of my all-time favorite hymns (wish it were in our hymn book) Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing. While I really do love all the selections on this CD, my favorite, without a doubt, is Amazing Grace. Give me a strong bagpipe and an excellent drum roll and I'm sold. They don't have a music video of it yet (they do for one of the other songs on the CD so I am hopeful) so here is an improvised video from YouTube:

I would really, really love to see it performed in concert (why don't they have Utah tour dates?).

For those keeping track at home, the concerts I would like to attend are as follows (in no particular order):

1. U2
2. Green Day
3. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir


susette said...

Mormon tabernacle choir music is so awesome! Another good one is the "Called to Serve" CD-way good!

Jenny said...

I'm with you.
I pre-bought the Called to Serve AND the Come Thou Font CDs on Amazon before the release dates. They were in my mailbox on the first day available!... been enjoying them (at full volume) ever since.

Jen said...

I agree. I love the Called to Serve one too, but my favorite is Love is Spoken Here. It has a song called Suo-gan that is SO good! They really are amazing!

Angee said...

I saw them in concert in California. Let me tell you, it would be well worth the drive and any money you'd pay on tickets. It was a FANTASTIC concert. It was in a symphony hall. It was incredible seeing all of them there. It was even more fun because I was in choir at the time and had sang 75% of the songs, but it was well worth it. :) If they have one in AZ you are welcome to come stay with us and we can go together! :)

Yankee Girl said...

I've found a couple of Utah dates so I'm going to try to get tickets, but if not Angee I am so there!