Paper Heart

I really like the look of this movie.

I especially like the perfect date idea from the little kids.

I also thought the ordering from the menu to make the waiter think you've been around was awesome because I've done that--only that tends to misfire when you mispronounce the item (or when you are in Belfast, Northern Ireland and you can't convince the waiter or others at your table that the way they are pronouncing "quesadilla" is the correct way).


Jenny said...

I.LOVE.the look of this movie!
Thank you for opening my otherwise blind eyes to something worth watching. Hot wings at Applebees? Yup. Pretty close.
Yankee Girl, I think you're great.

Yankee Girl said...

Thanks Jenny you made my night! and I think you and your blog are great too!

Science Teacher Mommy said...

This looks very cute.

The guy in the movie always makes me think of that line in the movie Juno: "Next time I see that Bleeker kid, I'm gonna punch him in the weiner."

Sorry. I just nearly fell of the couch laughing at that moment.

MBC said...

Oooh, saw this at Sundance and it's great. Go see it!

Natalie said...

This looks cute. I must admit I love that Michael Cera-that sounds creepy now that I actually say it-but I really think he is a good actor.

chosha said...

That looks so cool. Favourite moment in the trailer hands down is the little girl near the end saying 'well at least I admitted it!'. Fantastic!