Using my Camera

I don't use my camera nearly as often as I should. But that is about to change--or at least I am going to make an attempt at changing that by having my camera with me as much as possible.

This new attempt/project started last night. Here are the results:

Not really a great shot so after I get the idea of having my camera with me down I need to work on getting a better shot.

I went to the NCAA Men's Volleyball National Championships last night which are being hosted for the first time ever at BYU. It was a fun atmosphere complete with a band and some rowdy fans, but I was a bit sad that BYU wasn't in it (especially since BYU could have beat two of the teams that were playing. Not that I'm saying BYU should have been there. They had their chance and didn't play the way they needed to and ended up 7th in the nation. Only 4 teams get invited to the National Championship with three of the teams getting automatic berths as conference winners. This means that this year (and pretty much every year) the final four teams consist of the #1 team, #4 team, #5 team, and #10 team. By whose definition is that a respectable final four--in what other sport does the number 2 team in the nation not get a chance to play for the national title?--other than BCS football. Sadly this is not likely to change because of the lovely Title IX which in theory seems all nice but in practise severely limits the amount of sports that men are allowed to participate in at the college level, prevents the NCAA from spending time, money, and energy in promoting a real final four in sports like men's volleyball, all while trying to find some other random women's sport without wide-spread interest so their numbers look good). Not that any of you are likely to be overly interested in my little rant on college sports so let's move on to something that might interest you just a little bit more:

My niece turned 3! Here is the beaming princess:

And here is her very pretty Tinkerbell cake:

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