Man Candy Monday

It has been quite some time since I did a man-candy post so I decided it was about time to come up with one. Fortunately my weekend provided me with just such an opportunity to discuss here when I met one of my pretend boyfriends.

Not one of my five (which is probably a good thing because while Hollywood sightings are not actually that rare in my part of Utah, the stars are usually here because they have entered a local rehab clinic--happily, to my knowledge, none of my pretend boyfriends have had cause to visit my area for rehab reasons) but my Olympic crush: Rich Lambourne.

Remember how I spent Thursday night at the NCAA Men's Volleyball National Championship, well he was in town for that as well (he played for BYU before going on to his Olympic success) and he and Ryan Millar (another former BYU player volleyball player and Olympic Gold Medal winner) put on a little free discussion/clinic about their experiences so naturally I attended.

I took my little 3 year old niece with me because A) It is highly unlikely that another grown adult would have agreed to go with me so I could check out my Olympic crush and B) If I had found such an adult they probably would have done something embarrassing like tell him that I have a crush on him. It was quite a bit of fun and it was nice to hear both athletes speak rather coherently and without using the supposed words 'um' and 'you know.' It was also rather nice to hear both athletes talk about the importance and satisfaction of teamwork over individual glory.

After the speaking and playing bit was done they invited us down for autographs and so I dutifully lined up for my chance to meet and talk to my Olympic crush. Of course my 3 year old niece stole the show and I'm sure Rich made the assumption that I was her mother so any dreams of attending the London 2012 games as an athlete's wife are pretty much destroyed. But here is the picture to prove that it all happened (or at least to prove that I was in the general vicinity of him for a brief moment--I didn't want to turn total stalker in an attempt to get a really great shot of him because I don't think I am entirely crazy--yet).


Jen said...

A t-shirt with "My aunt is single" would have worked nicely. And I'm really disappointed there's not a picture with you and he together for your future scrapbook together.

chosha said...

He's kinda hawt, in that sharp jawed way. Please be diligent with man-candy Monday, especially if you are going to come up with the goods such as this. Mondays need a lift. :)