Real Salt Lake

My favorite month of the year is usually October. However, November has been awfully good to me this year. First my Yankees win the World Series and then Real Salt Lake wins the MLS Cup (in very nerve wracking--but beautiful--play). Below you will find a clip produced by a Spanish-language TV station (or possibly Portuguese???). At about the 1 minute mark (after yelling gooooooaaaaal) The announcers say this:

Real Salt Lake *unknown Spanish words* Beckham.

I'm pretty sure the translation is something along the lines of:

Real Salt Lake just beat that pansy (and possibly other appropriate words that would be inappropriate for me to repeat here) Beckham.

Then I am pretty sure that they said:

Real Salt Lake just beat that pansy Donovan (who has fallen off the pedestal I was once willing to put him on).


Real Salk Lake just beat those pansies L.A. Galaxy.

I wonder if the rest of November is going to be good to me.


Stacia said...

Well, it's Spanish and he said Real Salt Lake acabo con.... which means they stopped, or put an end to or destroyed Beckham etc. But I love your translation too - pansy is one of my favorite insults

Science Teacher Mommy said...

Didn't watch. I got my sports kick for the week watching Oregon beat AZ in double overtime.

Go ducks!

Jenny said...

...triumphed over...
I'm laughing!
I love listening to spanish-speaking sports broadcasters announce a goooooooooooooooaaaaallll!!!
my favorite.
STM: ducks??!!
(still laughing)

Yankee Girl said...

Stacia I liked destroyed that pansy Beckham best. Thanks for the translation.

STM--That was an excellent game.

Jenny--absolutely agree.

Jen said...

I liked your translation better. That was fun to watch!