A Wee Game of Numbers


The number of stores I intend on entering today


The number of new swear words my English Aunt taught me yesterday (I evened it up by teaching her a new Irish swear word)


The number of In-N-Out debates that broke out on Thanksgiving Day (In-N-Out just came to my city and I tried it for the very first time Wednesday night: The Shake was amazing, the burger was very nice, the fries verged on inedible)


The slices of pie I ate yesterday


The number of Christmas movies I watched yesterday (2 were Charlie Brown movies and were pretty short)


The approximate serving of yams I had yesterday (sadly there are no more leftovers)


susette said...

I'm with you on the
0 and the 5. I can't do the black Friday this year due to our move. I absolutely love yams and even got to make them for the dinner. I ate some for breakfast this morning too :) You beat me on the pie this year. Normally, I could have eaten 1/2 a pie before Thanksgiving day is overwith. Can't say that I will ever go to In and Out. I just don't understand the hype. I've tried it in Las Vegas and just didn't get it. So I'm pretty sure I have no reason to go stand in a long line for something I have no desire for. Glad you enjoyed some deliciousness during the holiday!

Jenny said...

Pie for Breakfast.
It's all about the amount of pie you can consume.
I'm proud of you.
(Happy Thanksgiving!)

Jen said...

I will admit that I felt a little left out of Thanksgiving with you guys. But I enjoyed more than 3 slices of pie. Pie is always my favorite!