Still not going to post one of those posts I was thinking of. Instead I thought I would post a couple of videos that I've spotted on a couple of blogs that I love (just in case you haven't seen them yet and because I love them so very much). The first comes to us courtesy of MBC and is Hilarious--yep hilarious with a capital H.

And this one, from Janssen, just makes me very Happy--another capital H there.


susette said...

That Michael video was so refreshing! I loved it. Thanks for sharing.

So sorry you are mad at me :( We most definitely will still be blogging friends. We are keeping our house so if something happens we can always come back.

Jenny said...

Hits home.

Science Teacher Mommy said...

I saw the first on FB a couple of weeks ago--love it.

As for the second, that was just adorable. I want to shop there. "I promise you kid, I'm' gonna give so much more than I get!" Oh, yeah, keep looking for THAT guy.

Natasha said...

I've heard it before, but I really like this rendition of Michael Buble's new song. So good!