Yankees Win It All

And I am so very, very happy.

Here is my scorecard from last night's game. (I highly recommend learning to keep score if you find yourself spending lots of time watching little league ball--makes the game much more interesting and even fast paced at times)
Now what shall I do with all of my free time?


Jenny said...

You're funny.
And I am so very happy that I did not have to watch.
Take a walk
make some bread
write a letter
listen to a new song
jump rope
rake leaves
I can think of a million things to do... will you send me some of your free time, if you find that you have too much?

susette said...

Take a trip out East!! You love Boston, right?

Jillian said...

Baseball....fast paced? Haha! Glad you're happy!

Science Teacher Mommy said...

Utah Jazz?

I am a fan of the Yankees too. I mean, it was either that or get disowned.