Christmas Music

So I've been a really lazy blogger this week, but I did get a bit of inspiration from Science Teacher Mommy and created a Christmas playlist. You can check it out on my sidebar. I would also add this song, but playlist.com didn't have it so it was youtube to the rescue.

What songs would you add?


Kristi said...

Good mix. I just love Christmas songs!

My new favorite Christmas song is called "give thanks" by cori connors. I love all her music, but this one had new meaning to me now that I have "young ones with my name."

Science Teacher Mommy said...

You won. And not just by default now that I look at your previous post and your playlist. We just might have a few things in common, you and I.

I will post my list later today (time permitting) and I want to send you my CD quickly so you can enjoy it this season. I'll need your snail mail address so. . .

either email it to me at

scienceteachermommy at hotmail.com

or if you actually KNOW Nemesis (I think I found you on her blog?) then email her and ask for my real email address and we'll "meet" that way.

Yankee Girl said...

STM--I am so excited that I won. I do know Nem so I've just sent off an email to her and will be in touch with you shortly.