Note to Self: You Are Not Canadian

I was driving around town the other day when I spotted an elderly gentleman walking down the street looking something like this:

Only without the boots, the pants, and the rugged good looks--and in truth the coat was just a belted red coat and the hat was only similar. Here are the first thoughts that entered my mind:

1. I should slow down so he doesn't try to pull me over. Then I realized that a mounted police officer on foot probably couldn't pull me over.

2. I don't live in Canada and am not currently in Canada.

Why thought no. 2 came second is completely beyond me, but in the future I will try to do better at remembering that I'm not Canadian.


Science Teacher Mommy said...

You should read Mrs. Mike. You'll stop twice for every red coat after ward, eh.

Stacy said...

It's the NO PANTS that would concern me!!! --kidding