U2 is on David Letterman every night this week. Can't wait! I guess any thoughts of getting to bed at a decent time will have to wait until next week.

I'm also thinking about going on Facebook. Somehow it feels like crossing over to the dark side (not sure why) and really it is not like I need another place on the Internet to neglect...but everyone is doing it, right? Will let you know what I decide.


MBC said...

I'm always tempted to join Facebook (the sanctioned stalking potential is excellent), but blogs are already suck so much time that I've resisted so far.

Jenny said...

What happened to your 'meh' comment box? I would have checked that one... not for U2, 'cuz I've liked that group since they came into existence. But 'meh' for facebook. I turn my back at another reason to feel like I'm spending too much time at the computer (or neglecting something). Let them find me some other way. I don't need cluttery walls or spaces. I have plenty of those in my own humble abode.
So if you're feeling 'sheep'-ish, join up! Otherwise, there never was a lamer excuse than 'everyone else is doing it!'
I respect your thought process. You can think of a better reason, I'll bet. (but who am I?...)

Science Teacher Mommy said...

Love U2.

Not sure I love Facebook--I've made a couple of connections with old friends that I'm really happy about. Otherwise I just feel like I've sort of inadvertently spilled my entire life into the computer.

Get on youtube and do a search for "facebook in real life" and watch it before you break on through to the other side.

Jen said...

Love U2. I'll have to try and catch it at least one night. As for facebook... I got talked into it and I don't really like it. It has been fun to reconnect with some old friends, but it is kind of strange. Good luck.