St. P-Day's Parade

Okay everyone it is time to make your plans for Salt Lake City's amazing St. Patrick's Day Parade.

Date: Saturday, March 14th

Time: 10 AM

Place: The Gateway in downtown Salt Lake City (last year we parked on South Temple then walked over to the north edge of The Gateway which looks to be about 50 North according to the map I'm looking at--this location wasn't too crowded)

This years theme is "From Kerry to Promontory" (Kerry being Ireland and Promontory being Utah) and promises parade entries that "march with great precision smartly." I don't remember that from last year, but it is a good parade with lots of free candy and other green things. And besides this is your chance to support Polynesian-Irish and Mexican-Irish groups of Utah.

After the parade everyone is invited to attend the SIAMSA, or post-Parade gala which will be held at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, 279 South 300 West SLC (because on the 14th of March even the Greek Orthodox are Irish). This is were you can get a bit of Irish food and drink, pick up any Irish trinkets you may need, and watch some Irish dancing. (I don't want to speak poorly of Irish food, but you may want to consider stopping at The Gateway food court on your way down if you or your kids don't like stew and cabbage--not that I was ever served cabbage in the entire time I lived in Ireland).

Hope you can make it---oooh, just had a thought: I could make this an event on Facebook. Look for it there.

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Science Teacher Mommy said...

Polynesian-Irish???? Now THAT will be some funky dancing. Though, truthfully, I'd love to take an adult-class in either form. What fun.