Where Did My Spring Go?

Ummm, really I'd like to know. Cause Saturday it was 70 degrees outside and I was wearing shorts and planning BBQs and then this morning I wake up to snow. SNOW! I really don't know if I can handle this and so I am retreating behind a crochet hook, some hot chocolate (the last of the season, please), and some Spring music by Vivaldi. Then tonight I think I'll sequester myself in a very dark room, turn my back to any windows that might offer glimpses of snow, and watch Australia--pretty sure the Outback doesn't have these Spring snow shower problems. According to the weather report, such behavior may go on all week and possibly into next week.


Science Teacher Mommy said...

My birthday is the middle of May. When I'm in Utah I never know if that means there will be snow (it has happened a handful of times), or if I'll be running the air conditioner full boar. March is a fickle mistress.

Jenny said...

I'm ~SQUEEZING!~ my eyes shut and wishing for SPRING!