A Glimpse

I thought on this fine Friday I would share a small glimpse into my Internet world. Lately I've been fascinated with the way in which Internet Explorer tracks my use of the Internet. So far I've found it to be very useful and interesting--I'm ignoring the possible scary implications.

Here is what I have found:

My top visited sites (when opening a new tab) are:

10. Ancestry.com
9. Google
7. Amazon.com
6. YouTube
5. FaceBook
4. All Recipes
3. Goodreads
2. Gmail
1. My Blog

My recent bookmarks are:

So there you have it a (perhaps not very interesting to you) look into my Internet habits. The thing I love best about this is watching the new-tab rankings change ever so slightly as my different interests show their faces. Fortunately it doesn't mention how long I stay at any of these websites. It also doesn't track all the sites I visit when I open a new page otherwise my local library would feature as no. 1 and several of your blogs would also make prime showings.

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Jenny said...

This is interesting. And good that you track it. It's so good to be accountable for everything... especially time on the computer. I get sucked into the cyber world and am amazed at how much time can tick by when I didn't expect it!