The Help

I thought rather than saving up a list of fabulous books I'm reading to make one longish post I would start telling you about them as I read them.

I Recently finished reading Kathryn Stocketts' wonderful novel The Help and since then have been telling everyone that they must read it. Now I am telling you that you must read this book. It takes place in 1960s Jackson, Mississippi and is told from the point of view of three women (one recent college grad who is white and two African Americans who work as housekeepers/nannies in white homes) and their impact on this civil rights' movement in Jackson. In addition to telling about the movement, Stockett paints such a very real picture of what it was like for many at that time period in the South that you will find yourself slipping effortlessly into the era. One of the things I found most remarkable and fascinating is the ability of Stockett to give each woman such a distinct (and lovely) voice. It really is a very good read that has already become one of my favorites.

Now I must get back to the book I'm currently reading: The Great Gatsby. Strangely every time I pick this book up I find myself falling to sleep (and it doesn't matter what time of day or if I am even tired). This isn't because the book is boring or difficult to read or that I am not enjoying it because it is really well written and I am loving it. In fact it is on its way to getting 5 out 5 stars from me and being put on my favorites list. Any explanations?

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