I've been in a bit of a rut lately and have somehow gotten out of the habit of writing out my to-do lists. The results have been predictable: I haven't accomplished nearly the amount of things that I want/need to accomplish on a daily basis.

Last night I decided that this had to come to an end so I sat down and wrote out an extensive to-do list for today and tada: I finished the entire list by 4:00 pm. (Okay, not the entire list. Go to book club and say my nightly prayers are still on the list but they are kind of time sensitive) How on earth did I forget the power of The List? Also, it would appear that I need longer even more extensive lists.

On a side (and completely non-related) topic. It really bugs me that my local "oldies" station thinks that 80s music now qualifies as "oldies". Way to make me feel old this morning!!! Clearly I never should have switched over from NPR. They never make me feel old--occasionally depressed or sad at the state of our world (hence the need for some happy oldies music) but never old.


Natalie said...

I was just thinking that about 80's music today. I just put a bunch of 80's stuff on my ipod recently and was singing along to it today and realized how long ago the 80's really were...I don't like feeling old :(

Natalie said...

I need to be better about lists. My life has been too unproductive for too long. Plus ya gotta love the sense of accomplishment from crossing things off your list.

and I agree... 80's music is in no way oldies. wasn't it just like a couple of year ago? So not oldie.

Janssen said...

That is SO the way I function.

Um, and now I'm realizing I haven't made a list in a week or more.