I love movie trailers. I can't stand the commercials they play before a movie begins in the theaters, but I would be truly sad if I missed the movie trailers. I don't love them because they tell me what excellent movie selections I have in the coming months because, let's face it, far too often the trailer is better than the movie itself. I love them for the possibility of a great movie--or at least because they give me enough of a tease that I can recreate that great movie in my imagination.

It is best to see movie trailers in movie theaters because it is only in the theaters that the trailers are hand selected for the type of movie they will be preceding. For example: if you are going to see a romantic comedy you can expect to see trailers for other upcoming romantic comedies with a few family-friendly movies thrown into the mix. Watching trailers on a dvd before your movie begins is far less targeted because the movie company is trying to sell you on other films they have made not necessarily other movies that might appeal to you based on your current movie selection--not that you don't know all this for yourself of course I'm just trying to set you up for my most recent movie going experience.

Last week I went to the theaters to see Sandra Bullock's latest:
The Proposal. Now this post could be about how I did enjoy (for the most part) the movie--if you liked While You Were Sleeping you will probably like this one as there are some strong similarities between the two movies. This post isn't about why Hollywood insists on placing crude scenes in otherwise enjoyable movies in an unnecessary attempt to be funny. This post isn't even about the elderly man sitting next to me who kept tossing a bag in his hand while giving play-by-play commentary to his wife who was presumably deaf and blind. No, as you, I'm sure, have guessed this post is about the teasers that were presented.

All was going along fine. The first 2 or 3 trailers provided me with the kind of trailers I was looking for: romantic comedies. And several of them looked rather promising. And then. Out of nowhere. Up popped the trailer for a movie called
Shutter Island. Have you seen this trailer? It is not a romantic comedy. From the looks of it it is a creepy, suspenseful movie along the same lines of The Ring--only it appears to be of very good quality. This is not the type of trailer I want to see before a Sandra Bullock movie. This is not even the type of movie I will ever see. What followed afterward were a series of "comedic" movies that involved men getting hit by golf balls or lit on fire.

I have this one thing to say to movie theaters out there: do not take away my romantic comedy trailers when I am seeing a romantic comedy movie (or drama trailers when I am seeing a drama, etc). If I were interested in creepy movies I would be in a theater showing a creepy movie and could then hear and see upcoming previews of more creepy movies. Okay? Okay. And what will I do if you don't follow my directions on this matter you ask? Well, my friendly movie theater, there are these theaters popping up all over the place that sell assigned seating. This means that I can purchase my movie ticket in advance and wait until the very moment the movie is about to begin to take my seat thereby skipping all of those horrible commercials and your misguided trailers. I have power and you best remember that.

Okay, mini tirade done. There was one trailer shown that night that was particularly interesting:
Julia and Julie. I've heard bits and pieces about this movie but all I thought of it before was why would I want to watch a movie about Julia Child. Well this trailer convinced me that I do:

I hope it is good.


Janssen said...

You know, I read the book Julie and Julia and didn't really love it, but I'm SO excited for the movie. Oh please let it be good.

Jenny said...

All creepy things aside, Meryl makes a GREAT Julia! It looks like a good movie. Thanks for the heads-up! (When does it come out?)

Science Teacher Mommy said...

I need a friend to go to chick flicks with. When are you moving to Oregon?

chosha said...

I liked The Proposal without loving it. The bathroom scene (trying not to be spoilery) was too much, but I must say that I laughed out loud at the 'it's the morning!' line. hahahaha

The biggest difference for me between The Proposal and While You Were Sleeping is that the script and direction of The Proposal both came off as trying too hard, whereas While You Were Sleeping was perfectly balanced (and awesome in every way). :)

I am totally seeing Julia and Julie. Loved the trailer.

Jen said...

I liked the Proposal too but had that same preview. Yuck! And Julia and Julie looks great. I can't wait for it to come out.

Stacia said...

I think for my blog I will link to your blog and pretend that it's mine. Are you reading my mind even though we haven't spoken for years and years?