I'm Back

Sadly, though, I didn't actually go anywhere. These are my top 3 reasons for not blogging in over a week:

1. I was so distraught over the death of Michael Jackson (and Farrah Faucett and that infomercial guy) that I was bedridden with grief. It is quite fortunate that places like Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan have ceased to exist since MJ's death so as to allow so-called news channels to devote all of their time to his passing, will, children, etc. Strangely NPR seems to think that Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan do still exist.

2. I was depressed by the US Men's soccer loss on Sunday against Brazil. I was sad and actually maybe this would be a valid enough reason for me not posting on Monday. Overall I was so pleased by their performance and am looking forward to increased coverage of men's soccer.

3. I was an excellent facebooker last week and can't figure out how to balance facebooking and blogging and sadly blogging fell by the wayside. However, I have only been on Facebook once this week so the excuse is not entirely valid.

The real reason: I had some kind of posting error that kept preventing me from posting and like the idiot that I am it took me quite some time to figure out how to make the simple, simple fix.

But now I am back.


Science Teacher Mommy said...


Jen said...

Yeah, I like how all the problems of the world have disappeared because of Michael Jackson. The wacky part of me says thats it's all a conspiracy and it wasn't an accident. It's just to distract the media and the general public from what's really going on. Like that bill that just passed without anyone reading it. Again. Anyway, I'm glad you're back. Your blog is always a good read.

Kimberly said...

I'm glad you're back. :)

Jenny said...

I was worried about you.
Welcome back.

Yankee Girl said...

Thanks for the kind thoughts.