The Mid-September's Eve Miracle

Drugs are a wonderful thing, aren’t they? They took a really horrible night that began with me sitting opened mouth in front of the TV (opened mouth sitting was a further attempt at continued breathing) that had nothing, I repeat nothing, new or interesting on for the entire night and finished it up with me blissfully falling asleep in my very own bed. That most wonderful sleep that ensued was then followed up by me rising from my bed, this morning around 9:30, completely healed. It was the Mid-September's Eve Miracle! Seriously, I've never recovered from anything this fast before. Sadly, as I came out of my drug and cold induced fog I came to the startling realisation that today is, in fact, Friday and not Saturday as I had previously assumed. Oh well, too late to do anything productive now, right? I'm thinking me, my bed, and a book--shhh, don't tell anyone that I'm better.

p.s. on the off chance that any of my Young Women have or ever do stumble across this post, I'm talking about the legal, over-the-counter drugs used only according to the directions on the label for the purposes specified on that same label--I'm watching you (my foolish little friends who friended me on Facebook)!

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