On the Docket

1. Finish Tales of a Wayside Inn (and pretend that reading 200 pages of poetry in the past 2 days counts toward my goal of reading a piece of poetry every day this year--even if I haven't read any (or much) poetry in the last, oh, 5 months.

2. Continue to send evil vibes toward the 3 people holding on to their copies of Brandon Sanderson's new book even while all 3 are now overdue at the library and I am left sitting in the no. 1 position on the request list).

3. Consider buying candy corn, reject the idea on the premise that I have been doing an excellent job at not eating junk, stay strong for hours and hours, give in.

4. Do laundry.

5. Do something permanent and productive--any ideas?


Science Teacher Mommy said...

Eat candycorn?

Yankee Girl said...

I tried to think of a way that eating candy corn could be considered permanent and productive. I got the permanent: the sugar going straight to my hips. But productive was a bit more of a stretch. The best I could come up with was my area clearly being an overpopulated with candy corn that needed culling by its natural predator: me. Instead, I ate candy corn and wrote in my journal (something I am trying to be better at).