A Couple Gift Receiving Tips

I've been mad busy working on some crochet projects lately but as some of them may end up as gifts I can't show them off quite yet. In lieu of showing of those projects I made a couple of things specifically so I could show what I've been up to in this new world of crocheting that I have entered.

Project #1: a Halloween Hot Pad (front and back pictured here)

and Project #2: A Lizard

Project no. 1 came about when I wanted to learn how to tapestry crochet (or jacquard crochet) and no. 2 came about because now that I have been crocheting for 10 months I have quite the collection of yarn scraps (enough of a single yarn color to save but not enough to do a project with).

Now for a couple of gift receiving tips:

1. When someone crochets something for you, you should fall down and worship at their feet. Now some of the more modest crocheters will humbly say things like "oh it was nothing" or "it was a really easy pattern" and these things may be true but regardless of how easy, crocheting takes time--sometimes lots and lots of time. (Also you should not criticize a crocheter for her lack of or improper use of the comma) Furthermore, when I crochet things I tend to decide who I am going to make it for before I begin so not only am I spending lots and lots of time on you, but I am also thinking happy little thoughts about you while I crochet.

2. If you ever receive something that has used tapestry crochet (changing colors in your project to create a picture) you should spend twice as long worshiping at the gift givers feet because tapestry crochet is much harder than regular crochet--it requires skills like counting and being aware of what you are doing.

So there you have it. I expect lots of worshiping at my feet in the coming months.


Natalie said...

I know what you are saying about crocheting being hard. I have tried it. I only learned one stitch (I think that is what they are called)and even that took a lot of time to finish anything. I think this is true with a lot of homemade gifts. I know that when I make something homemade, it is usually because I want to give something special to someone-something unique. It is always nice to receive a little bit of worship after the gift is received. Although, I am not sure it is ever enough. Also-the lizard is hilarious! And I love the Halloween hotpad-I am always up for Halloween decor that is of the skull variety-enough of the cutesy pumpkins!

PS-I still really want to get together-no, really. I am not joking! Maybe next week sometime? I will try not to stand you up this time. We will be in touch.

Amanda said...

Cute! I am crocheting the girls these adorable cloche style hats. They're red with a white band around it and these giant red, white and pink crocheted flowers. If I have enough yarn (and ambition) left when I've finished Camille's I am going to make one for me. If I can find enough patience to alter the pattern so it fits me.

Natalie said...

Look at you go! I am so impressed taht you have moved beyoned scarves, I am so utterly, totally impressed. You go girl!

Jillian said...

Just wondering if the same gift receiving etiquette applies when it's your (very young) child that receives the gift? ;)

N.F. said...

Oh, I just LOVE the skull potholder! I can crochet afghans and stuff like that, but that one is awesome!

Science Teacher Mommy said...

Oo. . . you could send me a present! I mean, if you knew my name, or where I lived. :)

Jen said...

VERY cute! I love the lizard! I guess I should have been worshipping my mom's feet a little more than I have been. She's done quite a bit for me over the years and she does say, "oh it was easy". I'll do better from now on out.