New York Times

Celebrate with me. For the first time ever I have completed a New York Times Crossword!!!! Okay so it was a puzzle published as part of the NYT teen puzzlemaker week last month (I get a delayed publishing of the crossword from my local newspaper cause I'm not rich enough yet to subscribe the the NYT) and it has been given an easy rating but I'm still counting it as my first ever completed New York Times Crossword puzzle. See the puzzle I completed and answers here.


Amanda said...

Woo hoo! I'm not a crossword person - I've never been able to complete more than half of a real puzzle - but I'm sharing your excitement! I once saw a great documentary about this guy who created crossword puzzles. It was really interesting.

Natalie said...

Amanda, saw a documentary about crossword puzzle making too-cool stuff. Courtney, I congratulate you on your accomplishment! Crosswords are not my thing but my husband loves them. I wish I were better at them. I will say, I am really good at Memory-I can beat both of my daughters!