Love This!

I've spotted this idea from Martha Stewart floating around on a few blogs and thought I'd share/save it here so that someday when I am feeling crafty I can attempt it.

Idea seen most recently here.
Can you believe two posts in one day? I must be on a roll.


Amanda said...

That is cute!

N.F. said...

So, because I'm lazy and sick and I don't know what else...I'm wondering what/how those clipboards are decorated?

Yankee Girl said...

n.f. I looked but couldn't find anyone explaining it. I think get a clip board and take the hardware off. Get some scrapbooking paper and glue it down. Then put the hardware back on. There might be a step in there about putting some modge podge or something on top of the paper but I'm not really crafty enough to know for sure. Hope you feel better soon.