Britain's Got Talent

My mom called me from work earlier today telling me that I've got to get on YouTube and do a search for Susan Boyle. After getting over the shock that my mom not only knows about YouTube but also goes on the site, I did as she directed and found this lovely treat. (sorry can't Embed a per the shows request).

After watching the clip (you'd better be smiling from ear to ear by now), I've got two questions for you:

1. Have you ever seen Simon Cowell smile so much?

2. How many frequent flier miles does this guy have? This aired on Saturday in England and if I'm not mistaken American Idol airs on Mondays in L.A.


susette said...

I'm not only smiling but bawling my eyes out. Absolutely beautiful! And no I have never seen Simon smile that much. Truly amazing!

Jenny said...

Loved that little clip.
My dad actually sent it to me yesterday, so it's making the lightening-speed journey through cyber space. My daughter said "Susan Boyle is the next Paul Potts."
Love it.