Easter Candy

What are your favorite Easter candies?

Mine are:

photo from: boston.com


photo from: candyaddict.com

I know you are completely disgusted by my love for Peeps, but there is nothing that can be done about so you'll just have to get over it.


Jenny said...

You're right. Peeps are gross. But I respect your honesty. I'm a lover of the reeses eggs, and I LOVE cadbury eggs (not the nasty ones that look like real eggs with gross goop in the middle... just the solid chocolate eggs). Candy is candy. Enjoy!

Stacy said...

I love the reeses eggs and the cadbury eggs WITH the yummy goop in the middle. I also love the chocolate marshmallow eggs that come in the cartons, but only if they are made in the USA. China does something to the marshmallow and makes it disgusting, so check the label first!

Natalie said...

you can have all my peeps.
:) I'll save them for you...ew :)

Natalie said...

Mmmmm, peeps. They are one of those candies that I can't think about while I am eating them because my head tells me they are gross, but my taste buds and tummy like them!

And, I agree with Jenny about the Cadbury eggs-I LOVE the mini ones. But, I also like the goopy ones-I have found that occasionally they have them with caramel in the middle-and I can't pass up caramel. But, you are also talking to someone who will pretty much take her sugar in any form!

chosha said...

No idea if peeps are good or bad, but they're certainly pretty! :)

Kimberly said...

I think of you every year when I see the Peeps on the shelves!!

Kristi said...

I love all Cadbury eggs - goopy and solid! I also love the marshmallow eggs, and I think they are best when they are homemade. If you have never had a homemade chocolate-covered marshmallow egg, you have not lived! So good. I don't really like the peeps, but I have heard they roast well which is something I would be willing to try. I think the sugar on the outside would do something delicious if roasted. Now I want some Easter candy!!!

Yankee Girl said...

Natalie--I've never seen them with caramel but those sound really good.

Chosha--Peeps are like marshmallows coated with sugar--so it is like pure sure. Yum!

Jen said...

Love those Reese's eggs! But I love the Cadbury Mini eggs, the dark kind. Yum! Easter candy is the best in the whole year!