Weekend Wrap Up

Things accomplished over the weekend:

1. Finished that book that I've been reading for 2 weeks.

2. Finished that baby blanket that I've been working on for 2 weeks.

3. Felt a burst of creativity and made these hats:

(Three hats will be heading your way Denise once I figure out how do make 1 smaller and 1 larger)

4. Had a very nice, relaxing, spiritually uplifting weekend.


Natalie said...

Oh my goodness, Courtney! Those hats are adorable! I am sure that the sweet little girls wearing them help to add to the adorableness, but still, cute stuff!

Jenny said...

I want a hat like that!
And what book did you finish?

Yankee Girl said...

Jenny--The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. Excellent movie, okay book.

Jillian said...

They are adorable hats and I want that picture! So cute. Thanks for sharing your black bean burgers with us. They tasted great!

MBC said...

LOVE the hats.

Denise said...

Love the hats! You are getting so talented.

Jen said...

You are awesome! Those are the cutest hats!