Happy, Happy Earth Day

(pic courtesy of NASA)

I hope you are all enjoying a beautiful day and trying in some way to do something good for Mother Earth. Here is a fun little tip from me to help you reuse/recycle. Have you heard of The Freecycle Network? It is a fantastic little (well maybe not so little) network of people who want to give and get free things in an attempt to help us reuse rather than throw away. Go here to see if there is a group in your locality (I bet there is). It is free and fun and a very good thing. So far I've seen things from candy to sofas to clothes, to DVDs and it is all free.


Science Teacher Mommy said...

I washed the car. The soap may or may not have been phosphate free.

That is probably NOT what you had in mind.

Still, being married to Plantboy pretty much means that earthday is a rather regular occurence around here.

chosha said...

Freecycle is awesome. And that blue swirly marble really is beautiful, isn't it?