Dear April,

That was some nasty April Fool's joke I woke up to this morning and I think perhaps you didn't actually think through this one very well. Snow? This is not helpful to me right now. You see, I'm in a bit of a funk. I've been reading the same book for a week now (it only has 200 pages and something like that usually only takes me 3 days), I've been working on the same baby blanket for a week now (just when I thought I was done an unnamed niece snipped away a couple strands of my crochet work at the beginning ruining the entire thing and causing me to start over), and just generally I've been feeling frustrated and useless this week. So you see, when I woke up to snow this morning (even though I knew it was going to snow because the local weather man was wearing is white suit jacket last night--it's what he does when snow is forecasted for the next day) it felt like a cruel, cruel joke that had just gone to far.

I realize, April, that that was probably not your intention so I don't want you to feel too badly about it and that is actually why I am writing this letter to you. I was thinking that perhaps if you knew how I was feeling you could find it in your heart not to make it snow for the next three days. And if you could find that in your heart then just maybe you could also find it in your heart to bring on Spring. I'll even put up with your April showers if you will show me glimpses of budding trees and flowers.

Pretty please,

Yankee Girl

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Natalie said...

I started a similar letter on my blog to Winter, but as with most things, I probably won't finish it. Maybe I will just send Winter a copy of your letter to April. I mean, really, don't you think that Winter has stayed around long enough? Talk about overstaying your welcome! And, if you want to see flowers, we have some daffodils-five to be exact. But, they aren't handling this April well either, I am afraid that they won't be around long. Hopefully my tulips will forgive the snow and blossom.