Carl Bloch

I can not believe that I haven't blogged about Carl Bloch! But, somehow it is true. So here is the low down:

BYU's Museum of Art is hosting a once-in-a-lifetime type exhibit featuring several of Carl Bloch alter pieces. The once-in-a-lifetime bit comes from the fact that several of these pieces have never been outside of Denmark before and some not even outside of the church buildings in which they have been residing for over 100 years!

I've been twice and have LOVED the exhibit thoroughly (may I highly recommend the iPad rental--even if it does make you look like a nerdy tourist who might be wearing white tube socks with sandals). I have been awed, inspired, and cried just a tad (Elder Ballard's fault really--see iPad). Here is my favorite piece of the exhibit:

And really, this image just doesn't even come close to doing the piece any justice at all.

So with all the imploring I can muster, I highly encourage demand you to make your way over to my part of Utah (I'm looking at you Brigham City) for this fantastic opportunity. Tickets are required but are free and can be reserved here until May 7th. May I also suggest you choose a night other than Tuesday or Wednesday as that is the night of many, many youth groups. Also, you may want to know that the Museum isn't all that strict on the ticket time--should you, you know, get stuck in a really long line for the iPad rentals ($3).


rootypatooty said...

i saw the exhibit back in november, it was really great, but there were SO many people. haha

Jenny said...

I've heard about this! And it sounds WONDERFUL.

Natalie said...

We went with our youth group and I loved it. Glad you got to see it, I knew it was something you would enjoy.

susette said...

Our home teachers were telling us all about this. I've got to get down there and check it out. Thanks for sharing.

Jen said...

I've really been meaning to get over there. We just need to set a time and do it. Thanks for the reminder! I know we'd love it!