The Jimmer Show

It is over at last. No more Super Bowl/NFL coverage. No more so-called funny Super Bowl commercial breaks that really did nothing for me other than convince me that there are certain brands I should avoid completely (Doritos and Pepsi)--although I should mention as a disclaimer that I didn't watch much of the second half. And no more hours and hours being spent by sports analysts telling me why the Steelers are a lock to win. Now on to more important stuff: like College Basketball. And in particular BYU's superstar Jimmer Fredette. Not that I would let a tiny thing like the Super Bowl get in the way of my BYU basketball team. In fact, I had the chance this last Saturday to attend The Jimmer Show (aka: BYU vs. UNLV) in person. And, for the most part, it/he was all that I could have hoped for (okay, so I was hoping for another 40+ point performance but still, there is no denying that the pasty-white boy can shoot). Here is a bit of proof:

Okay, so not so much proof as Jimmer is the blur in the middle throwing the ball away--cause, hey, even superstars make mistakes when they are triple teamed.

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