Setting My Clocks for Sunday

As I mentioned yesterday I did not get a chance to watch Downton Abbey as it was first airing on PBS--read that as I did not appropriately schedule my time around the event. Well, there is a new 3-part series called Any Human Heart starting up and I am determined to be paying proper attention this time around because one Matthew MacFadyen (of MI-5 and the lesser--but still watchable--Pride and Prejudice fame) is playing one of the leading roles. And while I'm not at all sure about the subject (a quiet question from me regarding if this series' subject would normally be of interest to me) of the series, I really just can not say no to Matthew.

And then in March PBS is airing an encore presentation of The 39 Steps with one Rupert Penry-Jones (of MI-5 and Persuasion fame).

What exactly is it with these British boys, MI-5, and Jane Austen? One might begin to think that all they did was star in really fantastically watchable programs of quite decent quality.

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