I Love Stationary

I love stationary just about as much as I love making lists. Buying stationary is one of the top 3 things I MUST do when I visit Boston (they have a Crane & Co. stationary shop and I don't--the other two being visit Mike's Pastry and purchase chocolate covered cranberries). When I visit a bookstore I naturally gravitate toward their stationary displays. And then I buy, buy, buy. The result is a really decent stationary collection. Sadly, it is not a collection I often use. And it is not even that I don't want to use all my pretty stationary, it is that I just don't. Well, folks I've been browsing Etsy and am just itching to buy something perhaps like this from Sycamore Street Press:

The thing is, though, I'm kind of on a little card/stationary buying diet and am not allowing any new purchases until I use half of all my stationary. Therefore, I need a plan!

Step One: Take stationary out from under bed where I have been storing it--hoping that if I see it I'll use it.

Step Two: Create a space for that stationary, newly out from under the bed, to reside.

Step Three: Sit down and write!!! (Perhaps while I sit down to watch Downton Abbey which I was prevented from seeing when it aired on PBS in January--thank you fabulous public library)

So does anyone want a letter/note from me on a piece of my fabulous stationary (I've got Kate Spade)?


Jenny said...

I would LOVE a letter from you!

PS. You could set a goal to write a note-a-day for a week, and see if it snaps you out of your note card funk...

Kimberly said...

I'll take a letter! :) (And a visit if you are looking for a wonderful humid place to visit.)

llq said...

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