I Want to Live in Paris

Okay, so those are words that, truly, I never thought would come out of my mouth (or be typed by my fingers). Of all the places I've been in Europe, Paris wouldn't even under normal circumstances make the top five places I would like to live. I remember it as being rather dirty, a little unfriendly, and with museums a touch on the unwieldy side. All those thoughts have flown out the door, though, as I have watched Jordan at Oh Happy Day prepare and now arrive with her family for a year-long adventure in the City of Lights. Here is just a sampling of what she gets to wake up to:

Are you not entirely mesmerized by the charming beauty of it all? Check out Jordan's adventures here. And check out her sister Gabrielle's similar adventures (only in this instance it is Normandy, France with her husband and 6 children) here.

As for me, before this little shake-up, I would rank the places I would love to live in Europe as follows:

1. London, England (my favoritest city in all the world--my apologies to Boston)
2. Rome, Italy
3. Amsterdam, Netherlands
4. Edinburgh, Scotland
5. Siena, Italy

photos by Paul Ferney via Oh Happy Day


Jen said...

Ummm yes. It looks unreal, like it couldn't really be THAT beautiful. I want to see Ireland as well and the Mediterranean. Italy is on the list too! Someday...

Jenny said...

Europe is on my bucket list.