Food Network Junkie

I admit it, I'm a food network junkie. I love Giada, lover Tyler, have a secret crush on Bobby, and could watch Duff just about anytime of day or night. Well now they've gone and figured one more way to take advantage of my addiction. They have come out with a Food Network magazine. My sis has already subscribed and we are both drooling over the first issue. Apart from the 128 fabulous looking recipes, I love their tables of contents--that's right tables. The first table is your typical table with article names and page numbers. The second table of contents is broken up alphabetically by food network star. So lets say you know that you love Giada's creations. All you have to do to find all of her contributions to this issue is find her name (or her thumbnail pic if you don't know the name of your favorite star). Brilliant. And this is not all. The third table of contents lists all the recipes by categories. So lets say now you need a pasta dish. All you have to do is go to the pasta section and they have listed all the page numbers for pasta recipes in this issue--they've even put in a thumbnail pic of each recipe. I'm smitten.

Go here to subscribe. (10 issues for $15)


Denise said...

Love the idea of a Food Network magazine! I might have to go buy the first issue. It sounds fool proof.

Jen said...

Sounds like this would be a good subscription. I love the Food Network too. Be sure and list any good recipes you try!

Natalie said...

I too am a big fan of the food network. And I *HEART* Duff and wish I had talent so I could work in his shop. And I have a crush on Bobby too. The only person I differ with you on is Giada. I really can't stand her, perhaps its because she reminds me of a bobble head. But thats just me. :)