Gratitude Photo # 10

10 November 2008

Rainy Days! I love rainy days there is something so wonderfully cozy about them--although I can remember back to my days in Ireland when rainy days drove me nuts. a case of too much of a good thing I think.

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Natalie said...

We also love the rain. We like it when it really pours. I have started a thing with my kids when it really pours-we grab each other's hands and run to the gutter and back. If the gutters are full we have to splash around it in a couple of times (I have to not think about how dirty the water is :) It is fun. Rain reminds me to take time to have fun with my kids.

(PS I am loving this gratitude project you are doing-A photo every day is a bit overwhelming for me-but I am thinking about doing a regular post once a week along this line. I think it is a good way to make yourself focus on positive things-and then have a record of them.)