One Day Moore

Really, if the entire campaign was a bit more like this I wouldn't be so extremely glad that it will all be over in one more day (It had better be over in one more day).

Please let me know if you have a funny McCain one cause I couldn't find one.


Amanda said...

Yeah...that's WAY better than the stupid ads I've been subject to on our favorite radio station. The race for governor here has sparked some truly horrible ads (I wish I could find them on youtube...you'd get a kick out of them) so I finally decided to vote for the one candidate that didn't annoy me with ridiculous ads! How sad is that?

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's radio with NO political ads! Maybe they'll start playing Christmas music.

Yankee Girl said...

They've already started playing Christmas music here.

Jillian said...

Grace enjoyed that video too! I went to vote at 11 this morning and was crossing my fingers that I wouldn't regret not voting early ... well, there was all of ONE person ahead of me in line! I don't think Ammon is going to be as lucky tonight, though.

Science Teacher Mommy said...

This really made me laugh my butt off.

Still, I'm a total sap. This song is always incredibly moving to me regardless of the format. I can't help but love the line (and yes, think it is apropos), "tomorrow won't be far away, tomorrow is the judgment day, tomorrow we'll discover what our God in Heaven has in store . . ."

I'm feeling a little revolutionary myself today.