Thanksgiving Tradition

I love this tradition as posted at Design Mom.

My friend Laura B is trying something new this year. Every day in November, Laura is taking a photo of something she is grateful for. Then. She'll take her 30 photos and make some kind of gratitude project with them. Maybe publish them in a blurb book. Or frame them in a series. She's not sure yet what she'll make, but I sure look forward to seeing it. Laura invited lots of her friends to do it with her — and now they'll have a great excuse to get together and work on their gratitude projects.

Great plan, right? If you like this idea, don't feel like you have to dismiss it because it's no longer November 1st. Just take 6 photos today and catch up.

I thought I would just post my gratitude pictures here so I'll try to get around to posting my six catch-up photos later today.


Rachel said...

This does sound like a good idea!! Hey, I just wanted to let you kow I've changed my blog address to http://www.ourlivesonmyblog.blogspot.com/

Denise said...

What a good idea. The kiddos would love to do there own pictures as well!!