To Do List

1. Vote

2. Go to the Young Women's activity so I can escape the obsession of said vote.

3. Try to get into Love in the Time of Cholera (it must be good because it got a Pulitzer, right?) so as to continue to escape the obsession of said vote.

4. Watch lots and lots of CNN cause I love John King's electoral map and I kinda think Anderson Cooper is cute in a weird sort of way (and yes I know all about him).


Natalie said...

We also love the "Magic Map". My husband loves silly stuff like that. I also think Anderson Cooper is cute and smart. My fondness for him began when he hosted "The Mole"-a TV show that aired several years ago. I think they have come out with other versions of it with different hosts but they have not been the same-Anderson rules (did I really just say that? Anderson rules? Dude, I must be 15! LOL!)

Stacy said...

To do lists are good. I always seem to get more done when I have one.