A New Calling

So, I've got a new calling: Mia Maid Advisor. Yes, I'm scared to death by this (teaching teenagers with an attitude may just be worse than trying to teach 2 year olds about the Sacrament). For now my fear is based primarily in ignorance since I have not yet been briefed on my calling. Until then I thought I'd take a moment to think a little about the things I will miss and won't miss about my calling as the nursery leader (which they haven't actually released me from despite having called, sustained, and set me apart to the new one, but I'm figuring will be happening soon since I can't do both).

First, things that I won't miss:

1. Trying to teach 2 year olds (although the new nursery manual made this so much easier than it was when we were using the Sunbeam manual).

2. Being sneezed on.

3. Coming home with crusties on my clothes.

4. Being sick the entire winter (not an exaggeration).

5. Checking a diaper and discovering a blowout that left poop on my thumb.

6. Runny noses.

7. Runs in my nylons and tights--cause those cute Velcro shoes that you and your kids love are nylon killers.

Now things that I will miss (the list is shorter but carries greater weight):

1. The sweet little kids that do listen sometimes and do learn sometimes--love it when you ask a question or teach something and get feedback like the time I was teaching that Heavenly Father knows and loves us and one of the boys after finishing his coloring came up to me and told me that Heavenly Father knows him.

2. The Gospel being taught at its simplest.

3. Good snacks during snack time.


Natalie said...

You will do great! I can imagine being ready for a change from the nursery... I'm glad you did get some satisfaction out of it though. They are sweet once in awhile. :) B has started coming home from nursery saying "Jesus loves you". It makes me smile.

Jillian said...

A calling in Young Women's scares me too, but everyone I know who's served there loves it. Hopefully it will be a nice change!

Amanda said...

Working in YW is awesome and you will be so great. I loved working in YW in my ward. I don't think I've ever seen such a fantastic group of teenage girls ever - not even when I was one!

The girls will love you and you'll teach them so much. Enjoy it and keep me posted on how it goes!

Denise said...

Congrats! I think you will like YW's better than nursery :) The poop on your thumb comment...nasty!

Good luck on your new adventures. I hate teaching but I do think YW's is fun and rewarding. Although, I have never had a YW tell me she knows Heavenly Father knows her :)

Natalie said...

Your entry made me tear up. As someone who has sent two children to nursery I thank you :) I think it is one of the most important callings in the church. As a primary president-I recognize it is probably one of the most difficult callings. Nursery leaders are easily forgotten and that is too bad. I am grateful for people like you who are willing to show love to these little children-despite the poop! (been there-yuck!) I am sad you are leaving nursery (I am sure you aren't :) but you will be great with those YW. You have a lot of experience and love to offer them. Good luck!

Rachel said...

Oh wow! I just got a new calling as a Webelos Assistant. I think I'm feeling exactly what you're feeling.. I've never worked with boys before! I absolutely loved being in the YW.. and I loved nursery too. Did you ever just go round the room and sniff bums!!! Good times!

Yankee Girl said...

Thanks for all the good wishes.

And yes Rachel I am a bum sniffer.

Jen said...

Love the bum sniffing comments! Being in the nursery is one of the hardest callings, but as a mom I counted down the weeks until my kids could go in there. It really is a great start for those little kids and I love what you said about it being simple. That said, Young Women's has always been my most favorite calling. I've been in there 3 times with 3 groups of girls and have loved every moment. Girl's Camp is the best! I'm sure you'll have fun! Those girls are so lucky!