Gratitude Photo #22

22 November 2008

The Provo temple.

My regular temple is closed for maintenance so I went down to the Provo temple (Yes, I realize how blessed I am to have 2 temples within 15 minutes of me and try to take advantage of that fact weekly). This was my first time at the Provo temple and I would just like to say it is just about the loveliest temple I have yet visited (the interior of course). This one now makes the shortlist of places to get married. Plus, they have a stunning view of the valley--especially if you are leaving the temple at sunset. I was an idiot and forgot my camera so I took this shot of the temple info card--which is also stunning.

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Natalie said...

I agree with you-I think the Provo temple is under-rated and often forgotten. It really is a pretty temple. Of course, they are all pretty, but this one is prettier than one might think.