The Big Read

Tonight The Big Read will be properly kicked off in my town with a special lecture by Fred Adams who is the founder of the Utah Shakespearean Festival.

What, some of you may be asking, is The Big Read. Well, The Big Read is a national program sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts, Arts Midwest, and the Institute for Museums and Libraries that attempts to get Americans reading again by allowing cities to pick a book each year and then providing the funds for that city to place a copy of that book in every home in the city. To further promote the reading and discussion of the book local libraries then put together exhibits, programs, lectures, book group meetings, film screenings, and more.

This year my city chose Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain--haven't read it since high school. And while I am unsure of Fred Adams' connection to Tom Sawyer I thoroughly adore the man and have always found him to be entirely fascinating and informative so tonight is sure to be fabulous.

here for more information on the fun.


Jenny said...

How have I never heard of the Big Read?! Sounds wonderful! What a great thing.

Natalie said...

Didn't make it to the kickoff-but I have my book (thanks to my mommy :) I haven't read it since High School either, should be fun!

Yankee Girl said...

Natalie we shall have to get together to chat about the book--and other stuff as well.