The Return of "V"

It is that blessed time of year (if you are a TV watcher) when we finally get to know how all those cliff hangers from the end of last season work out. It is also that time of year when we get bombarded with a bunch of new shows that the networks are hoping will be the next big thing--but that probably will not be.

There are 3 shows from last year that have held my interest: 30 Rock, The Office, and CSI:NY. I am especially interested in seeing what happens (who lives and who dies) on CSI:NY on Wednesday.

As for new shows, here is what has caught my eye so far:

FlashForward--From what I can tell everyone in the world has a black out during which they see a glimpse of their future (whether it is absolutely what will happen or a warning is yet to be determined). Once everyone wakes up, recovers, and figures this out the quest to solve the what, how, and why begins. I'm concerned that this may turn into a Lost which lost me after the first season, but I have a mini crush on Joseph Fiennes--who wears a bullet proof vest which if you have been paying attention is something I quite like on a man--so this could turn out nicely.

V--I've very fond memories of watching the original mini-series (and then acting it out with the other neighborhood kids) and so I'm looking forward to seeing if this show can match up with my memories of how much I enjoyed the original. Do you remember Mike Donovan?

I had a total crush on him (my younger self had crushes on him, Luke Skywalker, and Macgiver--I've grown!). I don't know if there will be another Mike but I'll tune in initially to find out.

Here are the shows that I will not be watching: Reality Shows. You will not be sucking me in!

So What will you be watching?

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Science Teacher Mommy said...

I always liked Luke better than Han too. Of course, now that I'm older . . .

Mom made us quit watching V when they hatched that half baby half alien from the egg. Now that is the only episode I can remember. So gross.

We got hooked on both the Mentalist and Castle last year. Check them out, because, hey, you've got nothing better to do. ;)

Stacia said...

Castle and The Office are the only shows I am watching.

Yankee Girl said...

Two votes for Castle. I'll have to check it out.