The festival has been over since Saturday night but today is the first day I truly feel recovered. It was exhausting but so much fun!!!

I did indeed spend 12 hours on a mule--like I told you I was going to. I forgot to take a picture of the mules that I rode but here is one from the Internet:

Maybe not as exciting as riding a live mule for 12 hours but probably safer and resulted in less soreness--although the mules I drove were indeed rather stubborn when you wanted them to change direction.

Here are a few of my mule highlights:

Driving Syd Lieberman (storyteller extraordinaire who I firmly believe is related to Billy Crystal as they have the same voice and humor) to his car.

Driving 4-time Grammy winner David Holt (also host of NPR's Riverwalk) around--I covet his steel guitar (and his talent).

Having Donald Davis (THE storyteller of storytellers) smile and wave at me twice and having his wife tell me that she loved my shoes.

Driving Carmen Deedy (famed storyteller and children's book author) around--she was delightful and even gave me a hug.

Most of you are yawning right now and wondering who these people are and why I should think driving them around to be a highlight. If I were to translate this into every-day vernacular it would be as if I had driven around 4 of today's top musicians or actors. It was a big deal people! And it was fun.

Foodwise, the weekend proved to be very good to me as well. First I was given a free orange roll from the Rhodes people and then a free smoothie from the Jamba Juice people. I ate at the
Hickory Kist booth so often that I should have gotten something free there as well but am satisfied to have simply discovered them (I'll probably never be happy with another sandwich place in Utah again).

I also leaned a valuable lesson as I was sitting in one of the audiences mentally berating a man wearing white tennis shoes, white tube socks pulled up above his calves, tan shorts, a brown belt, a grey tank top, and a comb over who flexed his arm muscles so often I think he felt he was the next 40 year old Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Graciousness (especially in thought) depends highly on getting an appropriate amount of sleep.


Jen said...

It sounds like so much fun and I wish we could have made it there. I love your description of white tube sock man. The only thing missing was sandals with those socks. And I think you should post a picture of your gorgeous shoes. Just saying.

Jenny said...

Do tell how you got to be gracious driver extraoridinaire?

Yankee Girl said...

My very cool Aunt who is in charge of the mules and the golf carts hooked me up. She can hook any of you up next year if you want to join the fun.